Software: Solidworks, Rhino, Illustrator
Tools: CNC router, Laser-cutter,



Accordilight is a light that marries lighting and origami. It takes precedent from the design of the accordion, where the focus is on interaction between user and object.

Through this project the need for a physical switch and how  the turning on a light was questioned and how it could be transformed into a surprising as well as playful experience.

Small magnets in each corner of the halves hold the cube together and offer a low level of resistance. Once opened, the paper form is revealed and the magnetic reed switches disengage and the LED lights hidden at the bottom of each base are activated.

There are two 45 degree angle cuts on two opposite corners of the cube, adding an aesthetic element but more importantly practicality. The power cable exits through the middle of the triangle face created but the angle cut so the light can sit flat in any orientation, unobstructed by  the cable.

The blocks can be separated to a maximum of 1 meter, making the compositions/forms limited only by the users imagination.