Software: Rhino, Grasshopper
Tools: Parametric design, 3D printer, Keyshot


Material Tester

This parametrically controlled digital model has been designed to test the minimum printable specifications of 3D printed materials. The parametric model can be adjusted according to different material specifications, and regenerates the model accordingly. The model is completely scalable and each and every feature can be adjusted to test and push printable materials beyond recommenced tolerances, thicknesses, holes, parts etc.
This project was done as part of a Victoria University of Wellington summer scholarship to demonstrate and teach students more about 3D printing and the possibilities of form and materials. 

Features include Minimum:

- Moving parts tolerance (gears)
- Nested parts tolerance (ball and socket)
- Wall thickness (supported and unsupported) 
- Emboss and engrave (straight and curved) 
- Wires (supported and unsupported) 
- Taper to a point
- Escape holes (cleaning out support material) 
- Degree of stepping of slightly curved features