Software: Solidworks, Camworks (CAD/CAM), 
Tools: CNC lathe, Manual lathe


Waterpipe v.1

The Waterpipe is a device pipe that explores the notion of a contemporary Water pipe (Hookah/Shisha) for the western world. It is meant to pay homage to the traditional middle eastern pipe by incorporating the traditional  operation while taking on its own aesthetic style. 

Waterpipe is a hookah pipe that has been turned on its head, and is meant to reflect the differences between the Middle Eastern and Western youth culture. The pipe is constructed out of stainless steel, glass and non toxic, tasteless tubing. It was designed in Solidworks and run through CAMWorks to generate the necessary G-code for CNC turning. 

When you inhale through the mouthpiece, you create an area of low pressure in the glass chamber  causing the water level to rise as a result. This causes air to pass over the coals,  flowing into the bowl, heating the shisha through convection and conduction.  The hot air "bakes" the tobacco and extracts the oils from it  and oils and air flow through the down stem, reaching the water, where the oils, air and water are mixed,  vaporized and cooled and this vapor passes through the tube, flavored with the oils from the tobacco and is drawn into the mouth.

The original hookah is believed to originate from India, but it was rather primitive as it was made from a coconut shell. It grew in popularity, spreading among the surrounding nations and became ingrained in middle eastern culture . The hookah became a very important part of the coffee shop culture due to the social nature of its use. The social aspect of the Waterpipe is a crucial aspect of the devices success and widespread popularity.

It is able to bring people together to partake in a shared experience.